Ruturaj Gujar BE (2016-20)

I am honored that I got this opportunity to write about this great professor. Prasanna Sir is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is one of those few teachers with whom we can talk very freely n ask him our doubts… Read more “Ruturaj Gujar BE (2016-20)”

Ruturaj Gujar
Dwarkadas Jivanlal Sanghvi College of Engineering

Shreyas Patil B.Tech (2014-18)

I had studied Physics under Prasanna Sir whilst preparing for my XII and JEE Mains. His lectures were very well planned and very easy to understand. To keep the students interested he’d explain the concept with interesting real-life applications which in turn made learning very… Read more “Shreyas Patil B.Tech (2014-18)”

Shreyas Patil

Shridhar Sahu BE (2017-21)

I am very much grateful to Prasanna Sir. for his guidance and constant support, he helped in every aspect may it be studies psychological issue’s physical health and constant advice for time management, it’s due to his trust and support, I stand where I am.… Read more “Shridhar Sahu BE (2017-21)”

Shridhar Sudama Sahu
Atharva College of Engineering

Shubham Sanjay Ghadge (BE 2017-21)

I have been associated with Prasanna Raut sir from last 2 years only.! And it’s been a wonderful experience working under his guidance. He always comes with innovative ideas and convenient strategies to guide and help us in modern industry. He has a great command… Read more “Shubham Sanjay Ghadge (BE 2017-21)”

Shubham Sanjay Ghadge
Atharva College of engineering

Indraneel Deshmukh MBBS (2017-22)

I being from state board struggled with physics a lot in 11th grade….state CET physics was proving as a major challenge for me….then in 12th grade a sudden decision to conduct an all india entrance exam (NEET) for medicine admission changed everything….it was two years… Read more “Indraneel Deshmukh MBBS (2017-22)”

Indraneel Deshmukh
Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital and Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion Mumbai

Ria Hemani (BBA 2018-21 NMIMS)

Prasanna Sir has always been a very motivating and brilliant teacher. I studied Physics under him and till date I remember all that he taught. He pays attention to every student’s weaknesses and helps sort it out.

Ria Hemani
NMIMS, Mumbai

Shefali Deepak Ganatra, MBBS (2018-23)

Being a biology lover physics had always been a nightmare for me unless I came across Prasanna Sir. It was a great fun learning physics with him,the way he demonstrated us the experiments,made sure that every student gets their concept cleared. His practical approach to… Read more “Shefali Deepak Ganatra, MBBS (2018-23)”

Shefali Deepak Ganatra

Srushti (BPth 2018-24)

Basically Prasanna sir is a kind of open minded person with lots n lots of knowledge n talent…

Tantia university

Priyal Rawal (BPharm 2018-21)

You have been the best sir in my classes. Your teaching was a concept clear teaching. You have guided me in selecting my career courses. Thank u so much sir

Priyal Raval
Dr. Bhanuben nanavati college of pharmacy

Manish Talekar MBBS (2015-20)

For me rather than the teaching it was more of coaching and a guidance. And that is the key point that I am now standing here. The teaching of Prasanna Sir not only helped me to crack the entrance PMT and CET but also build… Read more “Manish Talekar MBBS (2015-20)”

Manish Talekar
Seth GS Medical College & King Edward Memorial Hospital

Ishan Gokhale (MBBS 2019 to 2024)

Being from a State Board School, Physics for NEET was a huge jump. I wasn’t even aware of a lot of concepts that students from other boards had gained mastery in. Initially I was even afraid to approach the subject. However, eversince I joined Prasanna… Read more “Ishan Gokhale (MBBS 2019 to 2024)”

Ishan Gokhale
MIMER Medical College

Damodar Shanbhag (BDS 2019-20123)

Prasanna Raut Sir is one of the best teachers I have come across, not only with respect to the subject of physics but as a human being. Students often presume Physics to be a difficult subject to grasp a hold on , Sir helps students… Read more “Damodar Shanbhag (BDS 2019-20123)”

Damodar Shanbhag

Malhar Mane-BE Computer Science, California Irvine (2018-22)

My capabilities as a student are limited but extraordinary. This is what Prasanna Raut sir taught me. The essence of education is not remembering but learning and through great and pristine hard work the result is above satisfaction and i have reached excellence . All… Read more “Malhar Mane-BE Computer Science, California Irvine (2018-22)”

Malhar Mane
California Irvine

Akshay Raut MBBS (2014-19)

I did prepared for HSC board exam throughout the academic year 2013-14 & did not get much time to prepare for CET. This was worrying me at fag end of the year. I met Raut Sir in one social event. During a short discussing with… Read more “Akshay Raut MBBS (2014-19)”

Akshay Parag Raut
R.C.S.M. Govt Medical College and CPR Hospital, Kolhapur

Shreya Sathe B.Pharm (2014-18)

According to me,
Physics was a cake walk for me just because of Prasanna sir, he taught me how to deal n crack physics question which former was a difficult task for me. Thank you sir for making me so eligible in all terms.

Shreya Sathye
MET Institute of Pharmacy

Rashmita Shettigar B.PTh (2016-20)

Junior college is the time you take up the subjects which you really want to, the subjects in which you want to excel, and Prof’s  Prasanna Sir have helped me do just that.
The efforts they take to impart his knowledge to their students… Read more “Rashmita Shettigar B.PTh (2016-20)”

Rashmita Shettigar
Manipal College of Health Professions